Nu Skin Ultimate Facial

The Mini Facelift Facial- Unlock the secret to a younger looking you!Nu Skin Facial

Transformations Beauty Group introduces you to the products and facial treatments much loved by the celebrity world. With Nu Skin’s breakthrough ageLOC science, the Nu Skin Ultimate Facial treatment offers the following benefits:

  • Reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles
  • Buff and tone up the skin
  • Tighten up loose skin
  • Even out the skin tone

The products and treatments are used by Natalie Portman, Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss, Simon Cowell, Karina Smirnoff, Toni Braxton, Suzanne Somers, Mariel Hemingway, Ming Na, Patti LaBelle and many more… click here to access the photo gallery.

Summary Of Your Treatment

Recovery Time: Immediate
Back To Work: Immediately
Results: Can be visible immediately, but the greatest effects are long-term as they are cumulative.
Risks & Complications: Possible soreness/redness

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Treatment Price: £99


What is the Nu Skin Ultimate Facial?

The Nu Skin Ultimate facial is a combination of Nu Skin’s famous galvanic treatment and the application of outstanding products that are selected for your specific skin type. The Nu Skin Ultimate facial treatment offers a solution for making those skincare products work; the machine promotes the absorption of products used on the skin, driving them deeper into the pores so that they can work more effectively. It also helps to tighten up the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How does Nu Skin Galvanic Facial Therapy Work?

The galvanic hand piece is used to direct a galvanic current of ions directly into the skin. These positive and negative ions act like a magnet on top of the skin’s surface, and will slowly push the product lying on the skin’s surface down into the deeper layers. The skin can then absorb the products within seconds, and the electric energy firms up, tones and tightens the skin during the treatment.

Micro current energy has been documented and studied for over a century. Galvanic treatments use very low-frequency impulses so there is no risk of burning or electric shock. The electricity triggers cellular turnover so that any damaged tissues can repair and heal quickly, and even though the procedure does not injure the tissues, it does ‘trick’ the cells so that they begin to undergo the healing process. Galvanic facial treatments have a proven track record in Europe and have been used for decades as an anti-ageing solution.

The galvanic gel applied to the skin directly before the treatment is also effective for toning up and brightening the skin. It can help to calm down inflamed skin while stimulating the tissue as a gentle massage. The micro massage treatment stimulates deep under the skin’s surface, so the treated area will not be aggravated in any way.

What are the key benefits to the Nu Skin Ultimate Facial?

This treatment is considered to be a complete skin reconditioning system and offers benefits for all skin types. It can help to:
• Reduce or eliminate fine lines
• Reduce or eliminate wrinkles
• Get rid of superficial scars
• Buff and tone up the skin
• Reduce puffy eyebags or the
• Reduce appearance of dark circles
• Tighten up loose skin
• Even out the skin tone
• Heal acne scars

The positive charge, used with acid based serums, helps tighten pores and reduce inflammation. The negative charge, often used with alkaline serums, helps increase blood flow and stimulate nerves.

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