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Science Meets Spa Facial

Reveal The Beauty Of Great Skin

A safe procedure that gently polishes or resurfaces the skin,removing the damaged top layers. It stimulates new cell growth and collagen production to effectively reveal younger looking skin. A chemical peel reduces signs of sun damage, dull and uneven skin tone, scars, pigmentation, acne and enlarged pores, improves skin texture & condition. There is a range of skin peels available designed to treat specific skin conditions and types.

The Science Meets Spa facials are formulated with state of the art benefit ingredients including polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) such as gluconolactone and patented lacobionic and maltobionic acids. These next generation “PHAs” were discovered by Exuviance founders, Dematologist, Dr Eugene Van Scott and Dermatopharmacologist, Dr Ruey Yu, who also developed the first glycolic acid peel.

Exuviance - Science meets Spa Skin PeelPrice/ TreatmentDuration
Clarifying Facial Peel for Oily/ Acne Prone Skin£9970 mins
Radiance Revealing Peel for Dull Skin/ Clogged Pores£9970 mins
MVP Indulgence Anti-ageing Peel£9970 mins
Illuminating Facial Peel- Hyper- Pigmented Skin£9970 mins
Standard Peel£6930 mins
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Exuviance FacialPrice/ TreatmentDuration
Age Reverse Facial£8960 mins
Vibrance Facial£8960 mins
Cellular Hydrating Facial£7960 mins
Detoxifying Facial£7960 mins
Bionic Oxygen Facial£4930 mins
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Clarifying Facial Peel for Oily/ Acne Prone Skin – Therapy for oily, acne-prone blemished skin. Revitalise with a deep cleansing glycolic acid peel procedure to remove impurities for a more radiant, clean complexion. This treatment will provide balance, clarity and deep cleansing purification for the skin.

Radiance Revealing Peel for Dull Skin/ Clogged Pores – An individualised peel procedure focusing on the treatment of dull skin and clogged pores. Skin will feel tighter and look more radiant.

MVP Indulgence Anti-ageing Peel- The Ultimate Indulgence. Treatment for photodamaged ageing skin. Treatment to help reverse the effect of ageing skin. A peel procedure is performed using a peel booster plus a glycolic acid peel paying special attention to photodamaged areas of the face to impart softening, brightening, hydration and youthful glow.

Illuminating Facial Peel- Hyper- Pigmented Skin- Therapy for hyperpigmented skin. Skin is exfoliated with a gentle scrub and tone to prep skin for a Revitalizing Clarifying Peel. Skin is soothed and treatment is finished with a brightening complex and intensive moisturisers.

Standard Peel- A normal skin peel procedure without incorporating a Science Meets Spa Facial that further enhances the effect of the peel.

Age Reverse Facial – This is a comprehensive anti-ageing treatment for ageing skin using a powerful regimen of multitasking formulas that target all the signs of skin ageing utilizing Exuviance Age Reverse Products

Vibrance Facial – A relaxing facial therapy for all customers of all skin types. Treatment may be adjusted to suit the client’s skin type and concerns. The Vibrance Facial will cleanse, refresh, exfoliate, detoxify, smooth, hydrate and protect the skin, as well as provide antioxidant benefits.

Cellular Hydrating Facial – Therapy for dry, dehydrated skin. Treatment includes a moisturising, cleansing massage and non-alcohol toning treatment to prep skin for an intense moisture serum and cream. The treatment provides intense hydration to nourish the skin and will leave the skin soft, supple and restored.

Detoxifying Facial – For acne prone skin, this invigorating, yet relaxing treatment is to deep clean the skin. The skin is gently exfoliated, purified, massaged and moisturised leaving it feeling clean, smooth, soothed and supple. Skin is refreshed and brightened.

NEW Bionic Oxygen Facial – For an instant radiant, younger-looking skin. The treatment is recommended for post-peel procedure or whenever skin needs an immediate radiance boost. Molecular Oxygen supports the natural production of cellular energy and optimisation of collagen levels, PHA/Bionic blend restores radiance, suppleness and a smooth silky finish.

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