What is A-Lift?

A-Lift is the revolutionary skin health treatment proven to fight the signs of ageing!


The problem …

As we get older, our cell metabolism slows. When this starts, from our mid twenties upwards, the structure of our skin and underlying tissue deteriorates. It becomes less hydrated resulting in reduced collagen and elastin – the “scaffolding” of your facial tissue. This leaves you with sagging thinner, loosened, and wrinkled skin which is less capable of protecting itself.

The solution …

Thanks to the innovative science behind A-Lift, these effects of ageing can be reversed in a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that is proven to improve our skin’s structure.

This will result in:

  • Dramatic reduction in lines and wrinkles,
  • Firmer face and neck muscles
  • Healthier more youthful skin
Amazing results are noticeable after the first treatment and last up to six months with regular appointments. Click here to see before and after photos

Summary Of Your Treatment

Treatment Time: 30-90 minutes – choices of treatments
Recovery Time: Immediate
Back To Work: Immediately

A-Lift uses nanocurrent and microcurrent technology to combat ageing at a cellular and muscular level. Nanocurrent technology (electro-stimulation at such tiny wavelengths they can’t be felt) is known to increase Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) productions in cells to accelerate their metabolism. This produces more proteins including collagen leading to better structure, improved toning and lift so the skin looks younger and refreshed!
Find out more about the A-Lift treatment in our short video below or click here for more information about the science behind the A-Lift treatment.
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Can we reverse ageing? Listen to what Harvard Prof. David Sinclair has to say. A-Lift can help to improve the ATP level and cells function and to reverse the sign of ageing!

A-Lift Technology and Science Working in Harmony

The A-Lift is used by aestheticians to carry out facials which slow down the ageing process by reducing lines and wrinkles and re-programming the muscle fibres. It can shorten and relax the fibres, thereby lifting sagging muscles.

As the skin on the face and neck is attached directly to the underlying muscles when these muscles sag, the skin will do the same. This is why A-Lift is a key treatment for clients to slow down the visible signs of ageing.

Why A-Lift?

A-Lift is a new age-reversal treatment that uses unique nano-current technology to re-energise cells in the face and body. With immediate results and long lasting effects, it’s like air-brushing the signs of ageing away. Non-invasive and pain free, A-Lift is revolutionising the way we think of beauty.

  • New nano-current technology.
  • A six part programme using a selection of wave forms, currents and frequencies, it increases blood circulation and lymph flow, resulting in improved skin complexion muscle tone and reduction of wrinkles.
  • It treats and prevents the visible signs of ageing, through cell regeneration.The nano-current technology is at the front of cell rejuvenation science.

How does the A-Lift get results?

A-Lift is based on the latest nano-current technology. It works by sending tiny electrical impulses through the skin, draining harmful toxins, increasing collagen production, reducing wrinkles and charging the cells with energy. Once the cells are fully charged, they will divide and make more cells, plumping and firming the tissue to give you a more youthful look.

The body is made of millions of electrically charged cells which continuously break down and multiply cells. This regeneration peeks at the age of 25, thereafter it slows down resulting in loss of muscle tone and the appearance of wrinkles.

The A-Lift treatment has been designed based on medical research to activate and imitate the body’s natural cell regeneration process.

The origins of A-Lift

A-Lift delivers nano-current (measured in millionths of an amp) that are in sync with the unique natural frequency of the body to ‘recharged cells’.

The theory is not new. Since 1965, scientists have been studying the effects of electrical stimulation on the body’s own bioelectric system.

However, scientists have not been able to create a usable technology capable of aligning itself to the individuals own electric frequency – Until Now!

Everyone has their own individual electrical current running through their body which charges each cells’ battery.

These batteries are called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and they ensure that the cells have the energy they need to do their jobs. Research has found that by externally applying currents that copy the body’s electrical frequency, cells can be recharged, boosting ATP levels and triggering the rejuvenation process.

However, there was one problem. The frequency can vary several times a second, sometimes due to tiny hormonal changes, or even because you’ve had a glass of water. Put simply, it was impossible to replicate the currency for more than a fraction of a second or so they thought.

A-Lift is a technological breakthrough that automatically monitors, reprograms and adjusts its output frequency 16 times a second to mimic your body’s unique frequency and therefore boosts the level of ATP by as much as 500%.

What’s more, the effects of the A-Lift are long lasting (up to 6 months). As our bodies generate new skin by cloning our existing cells, each new skin cell is an exact copy of its parent. So, by rejuvenating a cell, subsequent clones duplicate it – maintaining the benefits for longer.

What makes the A-Lift different?

The A-Lift is the only machine in the world that automatically monitors, reprograms and adjusts its output frequency 16 times a second to mimic your body’s unique frequency.

How does nano-current affect the body?

Electrical currents travel through every cell in the body enabling it to function by:

  • Building complex molecules.
  • Maintaining the electric potential of cell membranes.
  • Allowing muscle fibres to contract for mobility, speed and strength.

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) provides the electrochemical fuel. It is stored in every cell.

ATP transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism. it can be described as the body’s energy ‘battery’.

Matching your body’s natural frequency

The A-Lift recharges the ATP levels in skin and muscle cells. This only occurs if the frequencies are aligned.

How does the A-Lift align with the natural frequency?

The principle works on Ohms law, the A-Lift delivers tiny (nano) currents that match your body’s natural frequency between two points

  • Voltage – Machine
  • Resistance – Skin Thickness

The current is re-calculated 16 times per second and the output adjusted.

How does recharging ATP reverse the signs of ageing?

As we age, the levels of ATP decrease, resulting in ageing skin and muscles. Without ATP, cells would have no energy to

  • Reproduce
  • Repair
  • Regenerate

A-Lift boosts ATP levels by up to 500% essentially making cells act younger.

The results are immediate and long lasting

  • Skin shines with an instant radiance
  • Collagen and Elastin production are increased
  • Increased Lymphatic drainage reduces toxins
  • Lines and wrinkles are reduced as skin plumps out
  • Circulation is increased for a more healthy appearance
  • Muscles are re-educated and toned, lifting the face and neck
  • New cells mimic those before them, taking on their energised characteristics

The results last up to 6 months

Since our bodies generate new skin by copying existing cells, all new skin cells are actually copies of copies of copies.

By boosting the ATP levels of the cells, the copies begin to mimic the newly energised cells that preceded them – maintaining the benefits for longer.

Who benefits the most?

  • Clients who are in their early twenties who want to maintain a youthful look
  • From the age of 25 and upwards (our cell batteries don’t charge as well as they used to)
  • Mature clients who are wanting to maintain a healthy complexion
  • Clients who want a quick fix before a special occasion
  • Clients who wouldn’t consider having muscle relaxant injections

What is the difference between micro-current and nano-current technology?

Although the two technologies deliver a current to the skin and underlying tissue, they work at very different frequencies to generate totally different results.

Micro-current technology stimulate the muscles in the face causing involuntarily contracting and tightening. This is the same stimulation as you would get lifting weights. Essentially you’re taking your face to the gym!

Nano-current works at a molecular level to stimulate cells, re-energising them so they act like they did when they were younger.

Why don’t I feel sensations like those experienced with micro-current technology?

The sensations you feel during a micro-current treatment are caused by muscle stimulation. The muscles are being contracted and relaxed continuously.

Nano-current technology doesn’t stimulate the muscles, instead it works at a cellular level and this is why you can’t feel anything.

How do the results differ between micro-current and nano-current technology?

Micro-current technology gives a more immediate muscle lifting effect like your body gets from the gym. Over a course of treatments the muscles will continue to tone up, giving a continued lifting effect. However, consider what happens to your body if you stop exercising at the gym regularly.

As nano-current technology works at a cellular level, you are not toning the muscle like exercise. By re-energising cells to act more youthful, muscle tone and skin condition are transformed back to their former glory.

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